Warrick Nevill

Sales Executive

A little about me

As Warrick will tell you with a warm and engaging smile, “Real Estate is not just about the location, the land, the bricks and mortar … it’s about the people” … and he’s absolutely right!

In addition to being immensely talented in his work as a sales consultant for Geraldton Property Team, and well-liked by clients and colleagues alike, Warrick has set his sights on being recognised for Excellence in his profession, and is ambitious for success. He demands much of himself, and his standards are set high.

This should come as no surprise.   Brought up on the land and used to hard work on the farm day in and day out and family ownership of a well-known tavern for part of his working life also taught him great communication skills – how to listen actively, empathise, effortlessly connect with people and intuitively appreciate what’s really significant and important to his clients.

In the case of most families, the home is the primary asset – and buying or selling brings with it a great sense of responsibility that Warrick respects and willingly takes on board. When you choose Warrick to help you with your real estate journey you are guaranteed 100% effort .

His extensive contacts in the Mid West farming community, sporting fraternities and relationships developed over many years via the family tavern, ensure that he often has people to talk to, and quite often buyers ready and waiting to view suitable properties.

Real estate is a people business, and people invariably buy from people they like and trust. In addition to his skills as a real estate sales consultant, you get Warrick’s unique personality, friendly and good humoured disposition as well as his remarkable ability to connect people with property.